How to upload pictures to Instagram straight from computer/ PC

How to upload pictures to Instagram straight from computer/ PC

Here is the tips to upload your pictures straight from pc to Instagram.  The photographers, have to transfer the pictures to mobile, and upload from their smartphone. With this little trick, we can upload the pictures from our pc to Instagram.  ( its saves a lot of time 🙂


Here is the work flow.


Open your instagram page on browser, here we are using google chrome.

  1. Click at the more icon on top left of the browser.
  2. More tools
  3. choose developer tools.

once your enter the developer tools, you may see a mobile icon (no4), to toggle the view to mobile version.

Whola, now you are able to see the same view, as our mobile.


Browse down to see “+” button to upload. ( refresh your browser once if you cant see the button)

Browse trough the pictures you intend to upload.

add your pictures you can apply the filters as well.


Add hashtags and click share

Thats it!  your picture is uploaded!


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  1. Yuva

    Brilliant 🔥

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